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Hardy Kitchenware has launched a portable pH Pen Tester. May 4, 2016 – Toronto, Ontario (NEWSNEWS) — Small, lightweight and portable, the pH tester by Hardy Kitchenware delivers accurate results for acidic and base measurements ranging from 0-14. The handheld tester is designed with automatic temperature compensation and comes complete with pH calibration powder. "Our pen tester offers quick and accurate readings under a wide range of conditions," said Matheri. The pH pen tester is battery operated, comes with four batteries, and the back-lit LCD gauge is easy to read. The tester comes complete with its own carrying case for …Read more »

This pH balanced shampoo and conditioner set provides a natural treatment option for psoriasis of the scalpMay 3, 2016 – Clearwater, Florida (NEWSNEWS) — pHat5.5 Psoriasis Shampoo & Conditioner Set ( is a new treatment option for people that have scalp affected by psoriasis and are looking for a natural solution. This skin condition is very common in the United States and can be difficult to treat. Unfortunately many treatment options involve tar-based shampoos and conditioners which smell horrible and leave hair feeling heavy and unhealthy. Normal hair care products can aggravate the condition further due to the presence [...] …Read more »

G&H Offers a 25% Discount to CustomersMay 3, 2016 – Bayside, New York (NEWSNEWS) — G&H Global LLC participates in this year's Mother's Day as announced by its marketing manager, Tom Huston, who said on a recent interview "it is only proper to take part in celebrating the existence of all the women who gave us life". The company behind a variety of high quality merchandise on Amazon has just launched its special sale promo on the new Delightime 2-in-1 LED Rotating Light ( Starting from May 3, 2016, 25% will be immediately deducted on the multipurpose party [...] Continue …Read more »

This self tanning cream provides a natural bronzed, sunkissed appearance without damaging the skinMay 2, 2016 – Clearwater, Florida (NEWSNEWS) — As the weather starts to warm up people are eagerly waiting for summer and starting to think about the appearance of their skin. The bronzed, tanned look is always widely sought after. Knowing that over exposure to UV rays (both naturally and from sun-beds) can lead to deadly skin cancers many people turn to fake tans. The problem with fake tans is that they generally always look fake and unnatural. Many salon spray-tans can provide a good level [...] …Read more »

Kiserena‚Äôs recently released product Fuse Beads Kit has been recommended by a delighted customer and mother of a 4-year-old boy. This beading kit is available now in for $19.99 with many added benefits.May 2, 2016 – South Riding, Virginia (NEWSNEWS) — Kiserena is so glad to share the success of their recently launched product Fuse Beads Kit ( The company mentions that the product has just got a 5 star review where the customer has recommended the kit for its great price and features. With a 4.5 user rating, this beading kit has already provided fun and enjoyment [...] …Read more »

Angel Crafts has just announced that their new product Heat Transfer Vinyl Sheet is now available in Each pack of the product contains sixteen heat press vinyl sheets for hats, clothing, t-shirts, etc. May 2, 2016 – Sandy, Utah (NEWSNEWS) — Angel Crafts proudly announces the Amazon launch of their new product Heat Transfer Vinyl ( Sheets. A manufacturer of numerous art and craft accessories, Angel Crafts is a familiar name in's huge online marketplace. The company is extremely confident about the success of their new product. The product contains sixteen brilliantly colored hear transfer sheets, each [...] …Read more »

Brand New Cross Training Gloves Incorporates Latest TechnologyMay 2, 2016 – Las Vegas, Nevada (NEWSNEWS) — When people are serious about Fitness ( training, they should always familiarize themselves with all of the gear that will be used to help increase performance. Once such piece of gear that anyone may use on a daily basis is the CrossFit training gloves. These training gloves serve a very important purpose and are important for understand and know how they work. The major purpose of gloves that are to be used in cross training is protection. They protect the hands while doing [...] …Read more »

Acne cleansers have corrosive ingredients that harm the skinIndian Healing Clay Mask from Blue Planet OrganicsMay 2, 2016 – San Francisco, CA (NEWSNEWS) — There are some alarming ingredients in over the counter skin cleansers. ( A leading acne treatment contains benzoyl peroxide 2.5% or higher. It is used to reduce acne lesions. Benzoyl peroxide commonly causes initial dryness and sometimes irritation. The skin over time will tolerate benzoyl. Other side effects are itching, crusting, and swelling. Benzoyle peroxide is also a bleaching agent for hair dyes. Another ingredient used by over the counter acne produces is [...] Continue Reading…

Go Wood is a wood sunglasses and wood phone cases company, but has been offering a phone case type which uses polycarbonate. They explain why this material is important for strength and protection.May 2, 2016 – Montreal, QC (NEWSNEWS) — The polycarbonate material of Go Wood's iPhone 6 case ( is the main factor why this product is stronger than other cell phone cases on the market. This is according to the company. Polycarbonate is a thermoplastic polymer. This material is known for its strongs and tough characteristics and is therefore being used for many tangible products. The company [...] …Read more »

Interpersonal Relationships Are A Major Part of Healthy Whiskers’ Company Mission.May 2, 2016 – Cody, WY (NEWSNEWS) — Healthy Whiskers is pleased to announce the company's participation in a business conference entitled "Achieve your keys to success by building bridges, not walls." Healthy Whiskers, a United States based company which produces all natural, healthy pet supplements and treats for dogs participated in this conference as the positive and empowering theme is congruent with the Healthy Whiskers ( company world view and mission. This program, Achieve Your Keys to Success by Building Bridges, Not Walls, was designed to assist [...] Continue …Read more »