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AboveTek USB Fan Cooler Designed For Computers And Personal Ventilation October 30, 2014 – NEW YORK, NEW YORK (NEWSNEWS) — The company that specializes in the development of power-saving electronics, AboveTek Electronics, is releasing a USB powered personal mini fan on October 31, 2014 at their flagship online storefront Amazon ( ( The product release will be in time for this coming holiday season when consumers are planning to shop for Thanksgiving and Christmas gifts. AboveTek is releasing additional products around the holiday season on their Amazon storefront as consumers nowadays would prefer to skip the holiday rush and the …Read more »

Case studies show the prominence of wireless theft of credit card information and the importance of protecting confidential information October 30, 2014 – United Kingdom, Yorkshire (NEWSNEWS) — Recent research carried out by Tom Heydt-Benjamin and Kevin Fu, professor at Massachusetts University RFID – CUSP (RFID Consortium for Security and Privacy) has demonstrated the ease with which criminals can retrieve confidential and sensitive information from the latest generation of contactless credit cards and other smart cards. Even more obvious is how easy it is for criminals to access this information without actually physically stealing the card. Attacks on cards can …Read more »

Podcasters for the collective Unified Republic of Stars story world are using Zanshin Marketing’s Blue Yeti Auphonix Pop Filter for professional audio resultsYeti FilterOctober 30, 2014 – Beaverton, OR (NEWSNEWS) — The Unified Republic of Stars is a collaborative online story world originally created by Colin Andrew Ferm. A science fiction genre, interested parties can contribute by creating their own stories and art work to build this expanding story world. A large component of this work involves podcasting to engage with, inspire and entertain the growing fan base. Recently, Zanshin Marketing's new Auphonix Pop Filter for the Blue Yeti [...] …Read more »

This client forgot to order the backdrop, but Step and Repeat LA designed, printed and manufactured it by 9 AM.October 30, 2014 – Shadow Hills, CA (NEWSNEWS) — Recently, the Executive Director of Step and Repeat LA ( was arriving home from a Sat night out at 1:30AM and decided to check her email before retiring for the night. She noticed an email from a past client had just come in at that time. Thinking it was odd to get the email at that time of the night, she clicked on it and saw that the client [...] Continue Reading…

HappyDogz reports an overwhelming amount of compliments they have received from customers claiming that the team’s deshedding tool has helped lessen the amount of vacuuming done at home.Watch this short video demonstrating HappyDogz Magic Pro Dog Deshedding Tool in action.October 30, 2014 – Wilmington, Delaware (NEWSNEWS) — Dog shedding is a normal problem for many dog owners that usually results in a great deal of time vacuuming and cleaning to get rid of the shed fur at home. Being dog owners themselves, the team of animal lovers in HappyDogz decided to design and create their very own deshedding tool [...] …Read more »

Skincare by paul Joseph , skincare you can trust. The best anti aging cream for fine lines and wrinklesOctober 30, 2014 – Elkhart, Indiana (NEWSNEWS) — Looking good has always been the personal goal of each individual. Regardless of background, gender or vanity levels, every one wants to appear more youthful and attractive. Not surprisingly, people scour the world for the best product that can give them the lasting solution to sagging, wrinkling and uneven skin brought about by aging, stress, unhealthy lifestyle and other elements. Paul Joseph, an emerging brand of beauty products, is set to make an impact …Read more »

The proven success of TG6 Power Bank and its younger brother TG6 Charger Cable, both introduced to the UK consumers earlier this year, is followed by the registration of TG6 brand with the UK’s Intellectual Property Office.October 30, 2014 – St Peter Port, Guernsey, United Kingdom (NEWSNEWS) — TG6 Charger Cable ( and TG6 Power Bank, are now both marked with the symbol ®. It represents registration and protection of TG6 brand as per Intellectual Property Office in UK. Legal action can be taken against anyone who uses TG6 brand without the owner's permission (The Great Six), including [...] Continue …Read more »

Making Vegetable Noodles Now Becomes Even More EconomicalHow To Use Your Vege-Magic Vegetable Spiral SlicerOctober 29, 2014 – San Francisco, CA (NEWSNEWS) — The Vege-Magic Vegetable Spiral Slicer is a product that's loved by whole families. Raw Food Heaven, the company that makes the innovative product, recently announced that they are offering fast and free shipping on any orders of three or more of the revolutionary kitchen tool. Customers have been quick to jump behind the idea. Perhaps the only thing better than eating more healthy, is when a whole extended family decides to improve their healthy lifestyle. [...] Continue …Read more »

Make losing weight easy with a biotherapeutic colon cleanse and system detoxOctober 29, 2014 – Salt Lake City, Utah (NEWSNEWS) — Lumen Naturals specializes in all natural health and weight loss supplements and sells exclusively on Adam Donahue founded the company because of his deep concern about the obesity epidemic sweeping USA. "I'm really concerned about obesity because it is linked to so many other illnesses. Overweight people may not understand this, but as they get older, they are going to suffer from an awful lot of preventable illnesses." Lumen Naturals 4th product, Smart Cleanse (, contains 11 natural …Read more »

Nutri Dime goes Viral ! Nutri Dime connected through Facebook and looking to start a Health Revolution. The company is a GMP licensed manufacturing firm that deals with Premium Quality Health Supplements being made in the USA.October 29, 2014 – Beaverton, Oregon (NEWSNEWS) — Nutri Dime launches its new Facebook page in an effort to offer fans an in-depth look at how Turmeric Curcumin helps decrease inflammation, prevent Alzheimer's, and increase weight loss. Nutri Dime, a company, dedicated to providing high-quality health supplements, announces the launch of its global Facebook page to expand the use of social media to [...] …Read more »