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Paris Nubby Teaser Is A Silicone Vibrator That Is Designed For Women November 30, 2015 – Nashua, NH (NEWSNEWS) — Growing sexual wellness company Pink B.O.B. offers women many adult product options, including a clitoral stimulator made from 100% silicone. Paris Nubby Teaser ( is a six point two-five inch sex toy that women can use externally. Its neck is three inches long and quite flexible, which allows women to pleasure themselves in any position. Rounded nubs on the head of this vibrator surround the clitoris, tickling it with seven functions of vibration. Silicone makes the entire toy firm and …Read more »

Not Just a Day for Smart Things, Cyber Monday is for Savvy Online Shoppers — Including Smart Chefs Creative Scribe Video about Smart Chef™ ProductsNovember 30, 2015 – Delmar, NY (NEWSNEWS) — Cyber Monday is not just for nerds and their coveted toys, according to the owner of Smart Chef™. It is for "all smart online shoppers, including smart chefs," he said. "By what prerogative do the purveyors of PCs, smart phones and other smart things claim this day?" Dr. Michael Kiely asked. "Our discerning customers, who may prefer baking in the kitchen to booting up a computer, are [...] …Read more »

FitPenguin’s new website is now onlineNovember 30, 2015 – Thornton, Washington (NEWSNEWS) — FitPenguin (, the company specializing in equipment for crossfitters announced today that their new website is online. The website from the company behind the popular Fitpenguin Crossfit jump rope displays information about the company as well as the products they offer. “In this day and age, having a presence online is of absolute importance for any ambitious company,” says Craig Malloy, head of marketing at FitPenguin. “For many customers the internet has become the primary means of researching products they intend to purchase. Our website helps [...] …Read more »

LA Beauty Labs Line At Reduced Cost Starting Today!A review of LA Beauty Labs cream from the windy city of Chicago!November 30, 2015 – Los Angeles, California (NEWSNEWS) — Starting today and running through Black Friday, customers will have an opportunity to save on LA Beauty Labs popular anti-aging moisturizer. This natural formula has been created based on solid scientific research. It provides the necessary protection against aging, helping to support youthful looking skin. Packed full with key nutrients, this moisturizer will penetrate deep into the skin layers and nourish developing skin cells to improve overall complexion and appearance. [...] …Read more »

The Brand Offers A 5 Dollar Discount On Its Apple Certified Car ChargerNovember 30, 2015 – London, UK (NEWSNEWS) — The Apple Certified Car Charger (, developed by Lightningfast, is sold at 5 dollars less in time for the Black Friday Shopping spree on The company that distributes Lightningfast products, Dellasor LLC, appoints Troy Walker as a representative and PR to promote the participation of Lightningfast for this year's Black Friday online sale on Amazon. The company has been in partnership with the online shopping site for a couple of years now. Walker details how the customers can take …Read more »

Improved Skull Beanies with Additional Bonus Features From Run baby USA to Be Retailed by Amazon November 29, 2015 – Armagh, Armagh (NEWSNEWS) — Run Baby, a company that specializes in designing, manufacturing and selling premium quality running apparel, has recently announced in a press conference that their new, redesigned running skull cap ( beanie, is scheduled for imminent release. This in line with the company's goal for this year to expand their product offerings. Run Baby has been brainstorming on possible additional products to be added to their bestselling range of running apparel and accessories for the best couple …Read more »

Christmas Demand Spurs Firm to Quintuple ShipmentCreative Scribe Video about Smart Chef™ ProductsNovember 29, 2015 – Delmar, NY (NEWSNEWS) — After selling out two entire inventory shipments of Smart Chef™ Sets of Stainless Steel Funnels with Strainer ahead of schedule, Amazon has just received a third air-freighted consignment. To meet the demands of the Christmas rush, the delivery is five times larger than the previous largest shipment. As Amazon's inventory of the high-end funnels was nearing depletion, the new cargo arrived. Smart Chef™ hopes that this will prove adequate to meet the Christmas demand. The company reports that interest in …Read more »

Restrictions are Now a thing of the Past by Using the Vida CupNovember 29, 2015 – Melbourne, Victoria (NEWSNEWS) — For five to seven days of the month swimming, yoga and other physical activities take a back burner for many women. Even sitting is a great risk of embarrassment. However, more women will have the chance to be themselves and do what they love with the new leak free menstrual cup ( from Medihealth 1. The Vida Cup is a German made product offered by Medihealth 1. The menstrual cup is 100% leak free and is completely safe to exercise …Read more »

Taste N Create has offered a dramatic price reduction on their Bear Claws.November 28, 2015 – Los Angeles, CA (NEWSNEWS) — Taste N Create ( are offering a considerable discount on their leading product the "bear claws" this festive season. They are advertising them as this year's perfect stocking filler for mums, dads, nanas, grandads, uncles, aunties, brothers, sisters and more. They have been named this years must have kitchen product for families all around the globe. The bear claws are suitable for shredding, carving, transferring and lifting meats such as roasts and briskets. The Bear Claws manage [...] Continue …Read more »

Swaddle blankets for babies are making a comeback, and caring mothers of newborn babies can find multiple purposes for themNovember 28, 2015 – PLOVDIV, Plovdiv (NEWSNEWS) — A comfortable and top-quality, resistant and easy to wash fine blanket that promotes the sleep and wellbeing of the baby while keeping it from over-heating sounds like an impressive list of features for one single product to have. Kaloyan Stolinov, founder of premium muslin swaddle blanket maker Stolina, says that the list is real and does not end there: "Our truly excellent swaddle blankets for babies offer all that, while also being large …Read more »