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Trendy Baby is one of a growing number of companies launched to meet a current need the founder discovered in their own life, but the firm is also dedicated to producing products that will endure for the future. The company‚Äôs creations protect valuable child-oriented products, and make parents lives easier June 22, 2016 – Pensacola, Florida (NEWSNEWS) — Trendy Baby is the manufacturer of the Bandana Drool Bib, designed for babies for feeding, and also for daily use to absorb drool that is a constant in a baby's life. The bibs come in sets of four distinct styles and colors …Read more »

The Galaxy Glider Swing And Spin Saucer By The Varela Company will turn ordinary backyard into a fun place to play for the kids.June 18, 2016 – Santa Barbara, CA (NEWSNEWS) — It is a challenge for the parents to get the kids to go outside and play especially if the kids are attached to technological devices. The backyard is one of the areas where kids would usually want to hang out or play. But even getting them to go to the backyard and enjoy the scenery can be quite be difficult especially if the backyard is not [...] Continue …Read more »

The Galaxy Glider Swing by The Varela Company introduces to its customers a new kind of swinging experience.June 18, 2016 – Santa Barbara, CA (NEWSNEWS) — Getting the kids to indulge into physical activities can sometimes be challenging for the parents, especially that kids are hooked up with technological gadgets and devices. Some even tend to just stay inside the house for the whole day and just watch television shows or play with the computer or smartphones. There are various ways in which parents can actually encourage kids to have fun and play outdoor activities. One is to expose [...] …Read more »

Velvet bean, the source of L-dopa, has a lot of medicinal usage.June 17, 2016 – New York, NY (NEWSNEWS) — Velvet bean or “cowitch” is a vine native to the Caribbean and in the tropical regions like in Africa and India. Though the surface of the said plant will cause itchiness when contacted with human skin, ancient people have been using this plant for several medicinal and herbal purposes. The company Boostceuticals which manufacturers Mucuna ( Dopa, reveals that some of the traditional uses of the plant are for snakebite additive for coffee and tea. The long usage of [...] …Read more »

Reviews Are A Major Aspect Of The Online Shopping ExperienceJune 17, 2016 – San Francisco, California (NEWSNEWS) — Lush Items is humbled to reach their annual target of 200 reviews ( for the MagniViz Magnifying Glass (original) since it was first launched on Amazon in July last year. One of the statistics which helps a product to rank in the Amazon product searches is having lots of good reviews. Detailed, well worded reviews are a key aspect of the shopping process for Amazon customers when deciding which product to purchase. After reading the title, bullet points [...] Continue Reading…

Portal now offers Comodo SSL security for purchases June 17, 2016 – Kowloon, Hong Kong (NEWSNEWS) — Bamboo Sheets International's website has earned a certificate from Comodo, a recognized Certificate Authority. It means a Comodo Secured Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol provides a secure connection between internet browsers and websites. So, Bamboo Sheets International ( customers can have peace of mind at the online checkout about transmitting their private data online and what happens to the information after their purchase. Millions of e-businesses worldwide use the SSL to make sure online transactions and data stay confidential. "We want to ensure our …Read more »

The Varela Company Launches The Tub Cubby Bath Toy Organizer on 17, 2016 – Santa Barbara, CA (NEWSNEWS) — When it's time to give small children a bath, there can be a lot going on. Most parents have a lot of bath toys to make bath time even more fun for children. This is where a good bath tub organizer comes in to help. The Varela Company has recently announced the newest product, Tub Cubby Bath Toy Organizer ( Albert Dipadova, the CEO of The Varela Company emphasized that Tub Cubby Bath Toy Organizer is different than most bath …Read more »

Many games coming ahead has made Oohmz launch its Elbow sleeve and this has recorded an unexpected success. This launch has been a success story which has made the product and Oohmz a trending name.June 17, 2016 – Portland, Oregon (NEWSNEWS) — Oohmz is pleased to announce that its new Elbow Compression sleeve has resulted in a big success ahead of forthcoming games. The company, which was proven to be a solution provider in health, fitness and sport industry in US, was able to achieve this feat. This result is gaining further recognition for the production of values and [...] …Read more »

Vinpocetine is a derivative of a plant extract.June 16, 2016 – New York, NY (NEWSNEWS) — Vinpocetine is widely known as a member of the nootropics family which has the ability enhance brain and cognitive functions. The history of the reproduction of Vinpocetine as a dietary supplement can be traced back when scientists are conducting studies by extracting a substance from a periwinkle or Vinca Minor plant. According to Boostceuticals, "the extract has been found out to be cerebroactive compound which could help improve the cognitive ability of a person. This compound is what we know today as Vinpocetine." [...] …Read more »

Bathtub time can be more enjoyable and relaxing with the use of Maywood Creek Essentials Blackberry Sage Organic Bath Gift Set.June 16, 2016 – Castle Rock, Colorado (NEWSNEWS) — Maywood Creek Essentials Blackberry Sage Organic Bath Set ( by Castle Rock Essential Products comprises of luxurious, all-natural bath and body-care products and a spa bath pillow to assist give users a little more of what is required for rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation. The Blackberry Sage Organic Set comprises a luxury spa bath pillow, a Blackberry Sage Soap Bar, Blackberry Sage Sugar Scrub & Blackberry Sage Bubble Bath. Blackberry Sage Organic …Read more »