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Fast-rising grill gadgets company Kuisiware will hold a limited time sale on their Grill Lantern that can only be availed with the use of their newly-released coupon code September 16, 2014 – Beaverton, Oregon (NEWSNEWS) — Earlier today, grill accessories manufacturer Kuisiware released a special coupon code that will enable consumers to avail of a 20 percent mark down on their handle mount barbecue grill light for a limited time. When purchasing the Grill Lantern on Amazon (, consumers can use the coupon code 7DAYGRIL upon checkout to get the said discount. The code can be used up to a …Read more »

Folks Are Commending About the Top Quality Chamois Towel on Amazon and Creating A Justification for It with Great ReviewsSeptember 15, 2014 – South Riding, VA (NEWSNEWS) — Kiserena Chamois Towel ( has been created with the end-user in mind. With the features it boasts the product has given a lot of usage potentials. Available exclusively on the online store, this cooling towel has a distinctive design and is made from 100% synthetic rayon material that is really soft and absorbent. Kiserena chamois towel is reusable, machine washable and super absorbent. Many folks are recommending it due to its …Read more »

Customer Feedback Reports Say That This Product Is Highly Effective As An Anti Aging Eye Cream Reducing Puffiness And Dark CirclesAnti Aging Eye CreamSeptember 15, 2014 – Atlanta , Georgia (NEWSNEWS) — Healthy wrinkle free and radiant skin is what consumers are looking for when they choose a skin care product for their face and neck. The promises of delivering such results and the actual delivery of such results can be totally different. Not that most manufacturers are deliberately misleading, it's just that not all ingredients in a skin care product can deliver the desired results expected of consumers. [...] …Read more »

New Partnership Aligns Eco-Friendly Pet Care Companies September 15, 2014 – Charlotte, NC (NEWSNEWS) — OmegaPet ( and Cassco Bio Labs announced today that they have entered into a definitive agreement for a long-term strategic partnership that is expected to accelerate growth for both companies in the fast-growing, pet care category. The new, innovative partnership leverages the respective strengths of OmegaPet and Cassco to create compelling value for both companies and their shareholders. Cassco Bio Labs – a Missouri based company – has been a worldwide supplier of eco-friendly products since 1995. Cassco Labs offers premium, naturally-derived liquid pet [...] …Read more »

A limited time offer to save on a Fresh Taste Glass Water bottle before the end of summerSeptember 15, 2014 – Lawrenceville, Georgia (NEWSNEWS) — In Reaction To The Recent Announcement Of Its Wide Mouth Glass Bottle Which Allows Individuals Who Want To Actually Savor Their Fresh Taste Of The Beverage Of Choice, Fresh Taste Is Now Announcing A Discount For The End Of This Summer. Fresh Taste Wide Mouth Glass Water Bottle has a special launch discount, purchase one glass water bottle ( and get $5.00 off. This is a limited time discount offer that is exclusively [...] Continue …Read more »

A good relationship with the supply chain upside can be critical to business success and peace of mind.September 12, 2014 – Secor, IL (NEWSNEWS) — As all business professionals know, there are two sides of a supply chain: the "upside" (the supplier, the supplier's supplier, etc.) and the "down side" (the customer, the customer's customer, etc.) There are a lot of good, common sense discussions out there about forming a good relationship/partnership with customers. This just makes sense since customers are the life blood of the income statement's top line – sales revenue. But for a [...] Continue Reading…

Dermelast Stretch Mark Cream Is Made From All Natural Ingridients And It Really WorksSeptember 9, 2014 – United States, TX (NEWSNEWS) — Dermelast stretch Mark cream the latest product from Newgen Naturals has now been on the market for over a month and sales are already above and beyond the original forecast set by the company. When asked about the success of Dermelast Newgen Naturals have put it down to many factors but two of the most obvious are the all natural ingredients and the wide range of customers who have started using and benefited from their product. When Dermelast …Read more »

Nutrition author and specialist Donna Hardin will hold a one-day sale on her book Juicing Recipes for Weight Loss to show support for the Cherry Creek Schools Fitness FestivalSeptember 9, 2014 – Chicago, IL (NEWSNEWS) — A representative for Donna Hardin reported this morning that the author will hold a limited time sale on her book Juicing Recipes for Weight Loss in light of the Cherry Creek Schools Fitness Festival which will take place early this month. The sale will feature a 20 percent mark down on Juicing Recipes for Weight Loss for one day only, on September 8. [...] …Read more »

Skylah Beauty Compares its Formula With Other Anti-Cellulite Creams Available in The MarketSeptember 9, 2014 – Perth, Western Australia (NEWSNEWS) — Skylah Beauty, in its attempts to help people choose an effective anti cellulite formula, arranged an event today in which renowned experts from the beauty industry ( were invited to explore and learn the company's products and the related ingredients. Having received much fame for its latest anti cellulite cream, Skylah Beauty Cellulite Reduction & Skin Firming Cream, the Skylah Beauty company strives to help people understand the difference between different anti cellulite treatments. "The event is a [...] …Read more »

Properties within the turmeric extract show great promise for acne treatmentSeptember 9, 2014 – Portland, Oregon (NEWSNEWS) — As the number of individuals who are suffering from arthritis is continually increasing, more and more pain relief products and treatment options become available in the market. One of the widely-used pain relief options is a curcumin supplement. According to scientific studies, curcumin supplements contain very powerful medicinal properties that can significantly help arthritis sufferers achieve pain relief. However, there is also another thing that makes curcumin supplements extremely popular especially among those who suffer from acne. Research showed that curcumin [...] …Read more »